Believers Church Medical College Hospital

Believers Church Medical College Hospital is a center of healing for body. Located in Thiruvalla, Kerala this 500-bed hospital exists to show Christ's compassion to the suffering by providing an atmosphere where people can find a wholesome healing.

Medical's aim is to bring the best quality healthcare to the reach of the common man using the latest in medical technology.

Equipping Young Medical Professionals

According to World Health Organization, there is an extreme shortage of healthcare personnel around the world. In its report, "A universal truth: No health without a workforce", WHO lists India as one of the 83 countries that is below the basic threshold of 23 skilled health professionals per 10,000 people. India has only 15.8 healthcare workers per 10,000 people.

Believers Church Medical College Hospital will not only equip the aspiring medical students to meet the growing healthcare needs of the nation but also instill in them a heart of compassion to serve the poor in the nation.


The vision of Believers Church Medical College Hospital is to provide quality healthcare to all, using appropriate technology, driven by Biblical values and motivated by the love of Christ.

What makes Church Medical College Hospital services different


Believers Church Medical College Hospital is in the process of getting NABH Accreditation, the highest quality certification for hospitals by the Quality Council of India, promoted by the Government.

Patient Safety

Your safety is Believers Church Medical College Hospital utmost concern. All statutory and technical measures are taken against fire hazards, infection control, risk and disaster management etc.


Believers Church Medical College Hospital Guest Relations Department and the service of Believers Church Sisters of Compassion ensure that all who walk into the hospital are treated with a caring and compassionate heart.


You can expect a professional approach in Hospital's communication, care and interaction in every area of functioning.


Every quality checks and controls are followed to ensure diagnostic services are accurate. The practice of electronic documentation and external quality assurance are followed.


Your time is valuable. Prior appointment system, electronic queue management and token systems are followed to ensure that your waiting time is minimized.


Believers Church Medical College Hospital is a healthcare project of Believers Church. The Church is dynamically involved in various nation-building social and educational projects, healthcare initiatives, charitable activities, community development programs, rehabilitation projects and relief works.


Emergency care at Believers Church Medical College Hospital hospital is committed to provide immediate treatment 24x7 in case of emergency. As of 2015, Medical have a 20-bed emergency department equipped for taking care of all kinds of medical and surgical emergencies and resuscitation. All the medical emergency personnel are trained to deal with trauma care and life saving procedures.

Out Patient Services

There is a one-time mandatory registration for all patients before consultation. You will be issued a registration card. For appointments, kindly quote your registration card number.

In inpatient unit, the patient gets the best possible medical and nursing care in a comfortable environment.

Operation Theaters

As of 2015, there are 10 state-of-the-art Operation Theaters for conducting different surgeries.


Medical ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art equipments to handle emergencies and are available round the clock. Believers Church Medical College Hospital ambulance staff are well trained in handling emergencies. These ambulances carry ventilator, ICU, CCU, BLS, ACLS, ALTS, Oxygen, Defibrillators, Cardiac Monitors etc.


The hospital is equipped with a well stocked pharmacy located inside the hospital building and is open 24x7. Medical pharmacy ensures that all medicines are available. Pharmacy services are provided by the registered pharmacists and medicines are stored as per required standards.


List of Best Private Self-Financing Medical Colleges in Kerala (India)

"Believers Church Medical College Hospital" is at the 9th position in this list.

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