Smita Patil

Smitha Patil (October 17, 1955 - December 13, 1986) was an Indian actress who starred her career in the age of 13. In 1985 she was awarded the fourth most important civilian award of India - Padma Sri. Two-time winner of the National Film Awards and Filmfare Award. Died from childbirth complication.

Biography: Born in Pune, Smita's father Shivajirao Patil was a social worker in the Government of Maharashtra. Her early education was from a school of Marathi medium. The first match with her camera was in the form of a TV news reader. Smita's big eyes and astonishing beauty, being a little rebellious, always attracted everyone's attention at first glance. In time, Smita Patil's love affair came from Raj Babbar, whose result was finally married. Raj Babbar, who was already married and left his first wife to marry Smita.

Heritage: The Indian non-governmental organization Priyadarshni Academy, after the death of Smith, instituted an award for her outstanding contributions to the film industry. Initially, the prize was awarded annually, but since 1994 it has been awarded once every two years. In 2012, her laureate was Deepika Padukone. Earlier, many Bollywood actresses won awards, for example, Manisha Koirala (in 1994).

The son of Smith Patil, Pratik Babbar, has been acting in films since 2008 and supports the political activities of his father, a parliamentarian and former actor Raj Babbar.


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